Honey milk coffee
上島珈琲店「はちみつミルク珈琲」商品ロゴマーク 2009年発売の人気商品。さらに商品価値を上げるために新しい商品ロゴを開発。こだわりのミルク珈琲にとても良く合う希少価値の高い和歌山の「日本蜜蜂のはちみつ」を採用。熊野地方に伝わる伝統的なくり抜き巣箱からはちみつが流れでるイメージです。 “Honey Milk Coffee” product logo Popular items released in 2009. In order to raise the product value further develop a new product logo. Adopt “Japan honey bee honey” of rare value Wakayama which fits very well with the milk coffee of particular interest. An image of honey flowing from a traditional hollow nest box that is transmitted to the Kumano region.
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