Rikkyo University
立教大学「Rikkyo Global24」紹介動画 立教大学の新しい国際戦略カリキュラム「Rikkyo Global24」の紹介アニメーション。ゲーム風ストーリー、マンガアニメタッチの絵で受験生に新しい英語教育カリキュラムへの興味を換気させます。 Introduction Video for "Rikkyo Global24" by Rikkyo University This is an animated video introducing Rikkyo University's new international strategic curriculum called "Rikkyo Global24". The video features a game-like story and illustrations with a manga and anime style, designed to spark interest in the new English education curriculum among prospective students. Animation: Inodesign Co., ltd. Illustration: Mirei Maruyama


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