Software Knowledge Incorporated
ソフトウエア情報開発株式会社(SKI) リクルート用WEBサイト+会社案内 1973年設立のIT企業のリクルート向けツール。 半世紀の歴史を持つ老舗IT企業の誠実、安心、規模、若さを軸に制作してます。 Software Knowledge Incorporated (SKI) Recruitment website + company profile for Recruit SKI, an IT company established in 1973, develops tools for recruitment purposes. With a history of over half a century, the company focuses on its honesty, reliability, scale, and youthfulness to create its products. SKI utilizes its accumulated technical knowledge and experience to provide high-quality solutions that meet the needs of its clients. Particularly in branding-related projects such as recruitment websites and company profiles, SKI has a wealth of experience as a well-established IT company.
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